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My To-Do List
My Notifications
My Three Initial Steps
Step One
Health & Wellbeing Assessment
Step Two
Labs & Biometrics
Step Three
Available when steps 1 & 2
are completed
Exercise and Nutrition Tracking
Select the range to visualize
Loading Data
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Please consult with your healthcare professional before starting or modifying any exercise program
My Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits keep you engaged, earn you points and incentives
My Health Log
Earn Preventive Points for logging your exercise, nutrition, and other activities.
My Daily Dose
Dedicated tips to help keep you moving
1 Point for providing feedback
My Learning Programs
Get Informed and Earn Points!
10 Points for providing feedback, 1 program per day
A checkmark appears when program has been completed and points have been awarded
My Searchable Library
Search The Preventive Plan Library to locate accredited information on symptoms, diseases and conditions, surgeries, procedures, injuries, tests, self-care, complementary and alternative medicines and much more. The library includes reports on health conditions and a comprehensive collection of medical articles, videos, illustrations and animations.
My Video Depot
Watch, learn and earn points
1 Point per video, 1 video per day
My Rewards

My Points Summary

Whether you are taking steps to improve your health or taking steps to stay healthy the Preventive Plan offers you many ways to earn points toward your Preventive Score. Review your history here to see how you reached your current level

Download Health and Wellness Brochure PDF
My Company & Community
My Volunteering
Points Available: 5 - Points Earned: 0
Your activity in your community counts! Benefit others and yourself.
(Maximum 1 entry every 8 weeks from date of submission)
Intentional Acts of Kindness
Points Available: 5 - Points Earned: 0
Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible.
(Maximum 1 entry every 8 weeks from date of submission)
Donate Blood
Points Available: 5 - Points Earned: 0
One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!
(Maximum 1 entry every 8 weeks from date of submission)
C.P.R. Certification
Points Available: 10 - Points Earned: 0
Equip yourself to save someone!
(Maximum 1 entry or 10 points)
Become an Organ Donor
Points Available: 10
Leave a lasting legacy through organ donation!
(Maximum 1 entry or 10 points)
My Coaching Programs
Choose a Program to Get Started.
The Preventive Plan provides coaching program recommendations based on your individual health needs and goals. Please select from one of the programs recommended for you!